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[06 Apr 2009|07:11pm]

1. Name UnicornLdy aka Rachel
2. Age 33 (DEc 24th 75)
3. Location South Carolina
4. Status Single female wise taken male wise
5. Sexual preference Feminine people
6. Hobbies drawing singing dancing etc
7. Likes nerds artsy people imaginations looks inside a book cover dosnt jsutl ook at the book. :)
8. Dislikes closemindedness, shallow types stuckupness

9. Something else you would like us to know?
I love playing free MMORPG games that a free like Perfect world And Mega Ten. I don't drink smoke or do drugs.

10. Your picture :?

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Inquiry [08 Oct 2008|12:14pm]


Sweet Peeps,

     I have been reading Stephen King's non-fiction autobiographical work On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. This is a book in which he shares some humorous anecdotes of growing up (e.g., Eula-Bulah, the "big as a house" teenage babysitter who would repeatedly pin King down, sit on his face, and then fart) interspersed with some advice for aspiring writers.
     King comes from humble roots. His father split when he was two, leaving his mother perpetually single and moving around from state to state in search of work. Her jobs pay poor and are of the dead-end, mindlessly rote kind. At the Statford Laundry she feeds sheets through wringers, in an environment where summertime temperatures reach highs of over 100 degrees and salt pills are handed out to combat the sweat loss. After college, in his 20s and with a family to raise, King finds himself working at his own dead-end laundry job, downing salt pills in the summer and thinking, "this isn't the way our lives are supposed to be going."
     However, it wouldn't be long before King is hoisted from his sweltering laundry job into riches and fame as a bestselling fiction author. But, wait, how does it happen? Of course, King doesn't really know. He shrugs it off as a whole lot of inborn talent (writers, he suggests, can't be made, neither by circumstances nor self-will, because "the equipment comes with the original package") combined with some good luck. The ideas for bestsellers, he says, essentially come out of thin air.
     Now, in the age of our so-called economic crisis, I wonder how many humble-rooted factory workers, floor moppers, cubicle-confined state workers and coffee servers have the same thought as King did: namely that this isn't the way their lives are supposed to be going. How many people cringe at the sound of the alarm clock and yearn to be hoisted, like King, out of serfdom so that they too can hang out with the Lords in their ivory towers, mansions and five-star restaurants?
     In the new song, Troublemaker, lead vocalist Rivers Cuomo of Weezer sings that he can't work a job, "like any other slob, punch it in, punch it out, and suckin' up to Bob, marrying a bitch, having seven kids, giving up, and growing old and hoping there's a god." In the song Rockstar, the band Nickelback points out that everyone wants to be famous, living in hilltop houses, driving fifteen cars, with no-limit credit cards, signing autographs so that they can eat their meals for free. Madonna drives the point home with her song, American Life, in which she explains that she has "a lawyer and a manager, an agent and a chef, three nannies, an assistant, and a driver and a jet, a trainer and a butler, and a bodyguard or five, a gardner and stylist..."
     Such witty ditties would be cute and even amusing, were it not for the fact that they are true. The rich and famous really do live like this, enjoying the peace-of-mind that naturally comes from having tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in disposable income. Corporate CEOs rake in yearly salaries that an "average" middle class American worker -- were they to somehow make $70,000 per year --  would not accrue in an entire lifetime. Bearing Voltaire's classic quote, "the comfort of the rich depends upon an abundance of the poor," in mind, does one ever get the feeling that they are like so many Egyptian slaves, builders of pyramids for god-like Pharaohs?
     Stephen King, having now sold over 300 million copies of his tales of blood, guts, torture and mayhem can now look back on his life from a cheery and optimistic perspective. But how do millions of others, whose equal success is logically impossible, feel about their own "average" lifestyles? Further, with children starving over in impoverished nations, shouldn't our priorities somehow change? Or will we remain complacently satisfied with our run-of-the-mill, salt pill popping, laundry job lives; perhaps thinking that our reward is in heaven?

     I wonder what you think.


you can visit or comment @ deepanalysis 

[30 Sep 2008|11:20pm]

hey guys just wanted to give u the heads up and let u know i am out here in the world.

recently joined ur community

tho i'm gay. m. ny.

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help [27 Sep 2008|08:46pm]

my boyfriend said i can try dating my best friend/ex gf again (we're in an open relationship). and i want to, but i dont want to face rejection, i was so upset when she dumped me, and i still dont have a car to go see her, which was part of the reason we broke up.
i just dont know what to do.
she went back to her ex, but they broke up friday, i asked her out the day after they broke up last time, but i dont know if i should wait longer or what.
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[13 Apr 2008|03:41am]

[ mood | tired ]

1. Megan.
2. 15.
3. This little town in Mississippi.
4. Quite happily taken. <3
5. I prefer girls, and for awhile believed myself to be a lesbian, but then I met my boyfriend. There's an elaborate story behind it. I'll tell it if you're interested. :]
6. I listen to music a lot. Change is good when it comes to material things. I decorate my wall a lot.
7. Photography. Music.
8. Hate. My town.
9. If you want to know, you can check out my profile and my first [andonly] post. It says a lot.

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[12 Apr 2008|01:51pm]
 1. name:  i have a few, and i don't wanna say my real one. i'm female-bodied with several identities
2. age: 21
3. location:somewhere in oz
4. status: single cos i have high standards
5. preference: androgynes. effeminate guys and tomboyish girls (boyish... not manly. theres a difference)
6. hobbies: music, writing, acting, dancing, thinking too much, trying to learn to skateboard, etc...
7. likes: fresh faced youths, inspirational people and situations
8. dislikes: drugs, but seem to be surrounded by it, and i keep making mistakes that impact on my health. i wish my friends and all the people i like the most didn't take them and could just have mad fun without, and still do all the same things and go to all the same parties. it's ironic cos i should turn away from the whole scene for my own good, but then i'd have to befriend straight-edge-christian types and other people that i just can't relate to. catch 22 really.
9. other:  well, i have ever changing gender dysphoria, i like acting in real life and social experiments and pretending to be other people and stuff. i'm a weirdo. i like birds, and i'm an aquarius, pretty obvious hey
10. sorry for no pics im staying under cover... everyone knows im bi, its more the side of my personality that i show in my journal that must remain anon.
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so ... ive got quite a delema [08 Mar 2008|06:51pm]

[ mood | confused ]

i am 17, im bi, and i am engaged (dont say one negative thing, ive heard enough) to a guy, whom i love with all my heart. but at the beginning of this school year, i became friends with this girl, she is awesome, and i really really like her. and i really want to see if a relationship would work out for us. but she has a girlfriend, who she really cares for too. i dont know what to do. i dont want to mention it to her, and from then on have things be awkward between us. and i dont want to mention it to my boyfriend yet, because i dont want him to think that he's not enough for me anymore, or that i love him any less, leaving him is not an option, i just love him too much. i graduate in 9 weeks, and i wouldnt want to start a serious relationship with her only to end it because i move away at the end of the summer, and i dont want to have her break up with her girlfriend to date me, only to have me leave. i dont know what to do.

can anyone give me any advice about how to go about this? it would be much appreciated.

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[13 Dec 2007|11:19am]

i joined this community a while ago. i dont know how often people check it, but there is something i need a little help on.
i dont know if any of you have ever had this happen to you, but if you have, please help me deal with it.
a week (or 2) or so ago, someone gave my mother a link to my lj, to an entry that mentioned something about me and my dating(i think it was about the break up) my girlfriend. i dont know who this was, and my mother refuses to tell me. but the person has to know me, because they would need to know that i have a LJ, and know the user was me. obviously the person checks my lj, because they found it there, so i posted a calm entry asking them to please come foreward to me like they did my mother.
the reason i had not told my mother is because i didnt think it was important/ a big dealsince i only dated her for a month or so (and for almost 2 years now, i have been steady with my current boyfriend). she thought otherwise. she wasnt upset so much at the fact that im bi-sexual, as the fact that i didnt tell her.
the thing i am most upset about is that the person (whom ever it was) took away my right of when to tell her, if i tell her at all. i dont know why someone would do something like that, whether they intended it to be hurtful or not. this has been bothering me since it happened, and nobody has come forward yet.

if anyone has anything to say that might help me, i would greatly appreciate it.
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hey all [17 May 2007|12:20pm]

1.Name Erin aka Shanyeld
2.age almost 25
3.location WV
4.status taken
5.sexual prefrence mostly male
6.hobbies bunch of stuff
7.likes gameing
8.dislikes fakes
9.Something else you would like us to know (dont say nothing or i dont know...let us get a chance to know you) i love guys who play dungeons and dragons and i have a thing for 50s pinup models
10.ur pic (if you have one plz post it. no one is here to judge) no pics yet
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Yeah, Hi [11 May 2007|09:08pm]

1.  Name      Diana Athena Clarion
2.  Age         49, weeks away from 50
3.  Location Earth
4.  Status    GO for landing
5.  Sexual preference Feminine people
6.  Hobbies  Trajectory design, social commentary, others too numerous to enumerate
7.  Likes        Intelligence, literacy
8.  Dislikes    Morons, shallow types
9.  Something else you would like us to know I speak the way I think, I write the way I speak.  This includes the use of full sentences, full words, standard punctuation, all the things that cause one to be reviled as an elitist.  I suppose that, back in the 1960s, I took "Do your own thing" a little too seriously.  There isn't much else that can be said that hasn't already been said in my journal or on my web site.  Have a look; the worst that can happen is that Internet Exploder won't know what to do with the standard XHTML.
10. Your picture Here you go, suitable for use as a dartboard or for wrapping fish:
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[09 May 2007|11:42am]

To those of you wondering who I am, I had  the LJ name of Naughtygrrrl. It was definitely time for a change. That name was something I came up with many moons ago and doesn't reflect who I am. i didn't want to use a name that sounded like some frat boy's dream of an online girlfriend.

With a  new LJ name, comes new IM screennames.

AIM: w1tchprincess
Yahoo: w1tchprincess

Isn't it nice how that works out? :)

So I've rejoined the community and feel free to add me under the new name :)

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[02 Apr 2007|04:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

1. Lauren
2. 14
3. England
4. Single
5. Bisexual
6. Reading, Listening to music, Talking 
7. Girls, Chocolate, America's Next Top Model, The Simpsons (& other related shows), Queer as Folk, The L Word
8. Boys, Waiting, Being Annoyed, Being Bored
9. I'm open-minded but cynical, I'm sarcastic, I hate smokers but I do smoke occasionally, and I hate drunk people although alcohol tastes nice

~ <3

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fairies [22 Sep 2006|01:24pm]


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I haven't posted in.. yeah.. we won't mention how long.. [22 Aug 2006|12:00pm]

Greetings! I know that there aren't many people still communicating in this group, which is too bad. Since I've been in this group, I don't think I've posted many pictures at all. I have some recent ones -- they're kind of really bad.. lol I'm so ugly. But, here it is.

It never lives, it never dies. It was never them, it always was inside.Collapse )
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curious [09 Aug 2006|06:58pm]

Okay, so I've never been with another girl before, and I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Ecpessially after I just got my heart broken by a guy. But, does anyone have any ideas of what it might be like?
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Help! [02 Aug 2006|03:32am]

This is more a personal one:

Okay I'm bi or something like it...but recently I've been drifting more towards the opposite sex. Is this normal? I mean given these factors:

1) I've always been interested in girls more, but I tend to date/be around guys more

2) Even though this is happening, in my mind I'm still bisexual, but I feel as if its only a phase...and I don't know if I'm ready to deal with getting over a 12 year long phase lol.

3) Referring back to point to the Okay I'm bi or something like it... comment, I don't so much fancy myself gay or straight....or really either of the other...I don't really have a preference in the sense that I don't really prefer ANYONE...omitting factor one and two...should I even bother labeling myself?

It's been bothering me and perplexing me for the longest (like a couple of years) and I don't know what to do or think anymore. I mean its not like I'm desperate to label myself as anything, I just need to know in my head and in my heart where I am. Was it a phase? Am I just looking for something new? Or is bisexually really a transitional sexuallity for some people like so many people think of it as?

Feed back is MOST welcome :)

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[13 Jul 2006|12:04pm]

ive been a member of this
community for a long time.
& i haven't posted in a looong time.
so, here i am....

so, yes, i used to be pretty confused about who i was.  i wasn't sure if i liked girls or not.  but, now i know that i am completely straight, but, i am a supporter.

ily <3
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Intro Page [28 May 2006|01:38pm]

[ mood | content ]

1.Name Ariane, also known as Kitten Mae
2.age 16, 17 in August
3.location South Cali
4.status Unsure, dating around I guess
5.sexual prefrence Pansexual
6.hobbies Bass guitar, writing, art, taking care of animals, debate
7.likes Pretty open-minded girls, intelligence, sarcasm, healthy (because I'm not in the best of my own *sweatdrops*), dreamers, imaginativity, kindness.
8.dislikes Too heavy (namely 100 pounds over normal weight/obesity. I have no problems with curvy girls with a little more meat on their bones.) too skinny (Have a ribs fetish a little, but if I can see through you, no thanks), too much attutide, lack of intelligence, relying on beauty for social status.
9.Something else you would like us to know (dont say nothing or i dont know...let us get a chance to know you) I'm a literate person and prefer people who talk to me to be as well. I'm kinda a nerd, but if you'd like to talk, check out my profile page. I'm mostly on AIM.
10.ur pic (if you have one plz post it. no one is here to judge)

Read more...Collapse )

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