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You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

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Intro Page

1.Name Ariane, also known as Kitten Mae
2.age 16, 17 in August
3.location South Cali
4.status Unsure, dating around I guess
5.sexual prefrence Pansexual
6.hobbies Bass guitar, writing, art, taking care of animals, debate
7.likes Pretty open-minded girls, intelligence, sarcasm, healthy (because I'm not in the best of my own *sweatdrops*), dreamers, imaginativity, kindness.
8.dislikes Too heavy (namely 100 pounds over normal weight/obesity. I have no problems with curvy girls with a little more meat on their bones.) too skinny (Have a ribs fetish a little, but if I can see through you, no thanks), too much attutide, lack of intelligence, relying on beauty for social status.
9.Something else you would like us to know (dont say nothing or i dont know...let us get a chance to know you) I'm a literate person and prefer people who talk to me to be as well. I'm kinda a nerd, but if you'd like to talk, check out my profile page. I'm mostly on AIM.
10.ur pic (if you have one plz post it. no one is here to judge)

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