Smitty (choclatethunder) wrote in beautiful_n_bi,


This is more a personal one:

Okay I'm bi or something like it...but recently I've been drifting more towards the opposite sex. Is this normal? I mean given these factors:

1) I've always been interested in girls more, but I tend to date/be around guys more

2) Even though this is happening, in my mind I'm still bisexual, but I feel as if its only a phase...and I don't know if I'm ready to deal with getting over a 12 year long phase lol.

3) Referring back to point to the Okay I'm bi or something like it... comment, I don't so much fancy myself gay or straight....or really either of the other...I don't really have a preference in the sense that I don't really prefer ANYONE...omitting factor one and two...should I even bother labeling myself?

It's been bothering me and perplexing me for the longest (like a couple of years) and I don't know what to do or think anymore. I mean its not like I'm desperate to label myself as anything, I just need to know in my head and in my heart where I am. Was it a phase? Am I just looking for something new? Or is bisexually really a transitional sexuallity for some people like so many people think of it as?

Feed back is MOST welcome :)

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