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so ... ive got quite a delema

i am 17, im bi, and i am engaged (dont say one negative thing, ive heard enough) to a guy, whom i love with all my heart. but at the beginning of this school year, i became friends with this girl, she is awesome, and i really really like her. and i really want to see if a relationship would work out for us. but she has a girlfriend, who she really cares for too. i dont know what to do. i dont want to mention it to her, and from then on have things be awkward between us. and i dont want to mention it to my boyfriend yet, because i dont want him to think that he's not enough for me anymore, or that i love him any less, leaving him is not an option, i just love him too much. i graduate in 9 weeks, and i wouldnt want to start a serious relationship with her only to end it because i move away at the end of the summer, and i dont want to have her break up with her girlfriend to date me, only to have me leave. i dont know what to do.

can anyone give me any advice about how to go about this? it would be much appreciated.
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