Diana A. Clarion (dclarion) wrote in beautiful_n_bi,
Diana A. Clarion

Yeah, Hi

1.  Name      Diana Athena Clarion
2.  Age         49, weeks away from 50
3.  Location Earth
4.  Status    GO for landing
5.  Sexual preference Feminine people
6.  Hobbies  Trajectory design, social commentary, others too numerous to enumerate
7.  Likes        Intelligence, literacy
8.  Dislikes    Morons, shallow types
9.  Something else you would like us to know I speak the way I think, I write the way I speak.  This includes the use of full sentences, full words, standard punctuation, all the things that cause one to be reviled as an elitist.  I suppose that, back in the 1960s, I took "Do your own thing" a little too seriously.  There isn't much else that can be said that hasn't already been said in my journal or on my web site.  Have a look; the worst that can happen is that Internet Exploder won't know what to do with the standard XHTML.
10. Your picture Here you go, suitable for use as a dartboard or for wrapping fish:
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